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About Me

About Me

In junior high and high school I felt so lost. I was a reasonably happy kid or so I thought. I struggled with all sorts of health problems, gut health, depression, focus, discouragement, anxiety, overwhelm, . Dealing with conflict, anger yikes! Dealing with difficult people was incredibly intimidating. I wanted to be a part of high school sports, I struggled with osgood schlatter - knee problems. I wanted to play the lead in drama or theater. I wanted to be in the honors classes. I wanted to be on the stage at the assembly and everyone cheering me on. I wanted to be the one shining my light so others would shine the light within themselves.

I later went to college not knowing my direction, confused and somewhat aimless. I graduated with a multimedia degree. Then the economic crash of 2008 left me confused. I was let go from my job and yet I felt everything would be okay. A week later a tiny miracle happened and I got a clerical job that paid good and gave me some stability. I quickly learned all their systems, databases and tools. I became the shadow IT operative. I was making a huge difference. People love the results I got, and some did not. Some were jealous of my quick progress and making my own rules to getting results.

Brain focus and anxiety plagued me through out much of my adult career. I was employed working for fortune 500 companies I should be happy right?!

I was constantly overwhelmed with projects, tasks and distractions. As I became a better performer, I had more work dumped in my lap, more people came to me. I was in "on-call" mode all the time. On the weekends I still couldn't "leave work" mentally or emotionally.

I started researching the net looking for mentors and guidance on how to succeed.
I found answers and I found ways to "digital simplification" that blessed me and my coworkers.

Then a few years ago I came across energy work. I'm a very skeptically minded personal and analytical. Intuitively I knew there was something there, but man did I fight it. Finally I hit my aha moment and understood how all domains are governed by law. Heart surgery was once thought impossible. Now it's not. People learned the laws, experimented and then shared those laws with the world. Ba da bing! We have open heart surgery throughout the world now. I believe the same with energy work. I want everyone to have the opportunity to become "energy-empowered".

I struggled in my marriage, in relationships at work, and other places. I'd find the problems others need to fix, because it bothered me and I value high-caliber cultures and high coherent energy. Then I found the "100% responsible method" and how to create internal shifts that naturally invited the energetic and emotional changes I wanted around me without having to try so hard.

In a recent role I began teaching other tech minded folks "heart-intelligence" to improve our projects, communication and relationships. It's working and I'm so happy to help others find work life balance and not let their personal relationships be dragged into workaholic lifestyles and habits that destroy personal lives and leave the rising generation without present engaged parents.

Now I want to teach "heart-centered leadership" and help people heal themselves so they can become the powerful, compassionate and truth focused leaders that will help the rising generation. This world is in trouble and needs more leaders who can bravely and wisely approach the challenges before us.

Now I'm working on my first online course called "The Light Framework" to be released in November 2020.

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