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Do I Hear Him?

Do I Hear Him?
Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella / Unsplash

Do I hear Him?

In the dance of life, boisterous suffering tends to speak,
It's the obnoxious trials faced that captivate, enthrall.
Real-life tales, a vivid stage, Dramatic presentations, life's relentless page.
In the midst of exhaustion, a beacon bright, Suffering's narrative takes flight.

Yet amid life's grand dance, close bonds may fade,
Those dearest, often in shadows, quietly laid.
Their whispers unheard, in love's gentle plea,
Neglected, as familiarity blinds us to see.
Real-life tales, an everyday stage,
Not as captivating as shows and sports that lock us and cage.
these dramas steal the spotlight grand,
While familiar voices linger in silent sand.

In exhaustions' haze, a frustrated voice bound by time,
Yes, those closest, in our familiar line.
Suffering's narrative, a headline that's heard,
Yet, leaving familiar hearts, greater debt incurred.

In life's grand ballet, fun and dominance takes the lead,
A gentle whisper is ignored, love's tender creed.
Amidst the hallways, where shadows retreat,
The brass section of priorities drowns the gentle violins not heard, without a sound. In the symphony of life, harmony begins to thin.

Real-life tales, a man's canvas serene,
Where everyday moments paint this scene.
Other's drama is such a waste, I say
I shall remain simple, with the melody of my tranquil routine.
No need for drama, no relentless strife.
I like my priorities, I'm not that mean.
Their drama, it's a waste; I prefer the melody of my tranquil life.
they are too emotional, they need help
maybe a professional they can seek to fix their mental self

In moments of ease, hear the calm reprieve,
No need for beacons, no need to grieve.
For the world's narrative, a feather-light dance,
Unfurls its beauty in a sweet yet sick empty romance.

In the fervor for my professions, emotions soar,
Thrill and despair, in waves that explore.
Yet beneath the surface of a scoreboard's lore,
In the arena's passion, where victories play,
A family's whispers can quietly sway.
While the cheers for a team may loudly roar,
A son's silent needs beg for something more.
Unobserved, unattended, amidst the monotony's decree.
Yet, the heart awakens to their silent plea.
For in the rhythm of life, a team may fall, But a son's yearning, the loudest call.

Occasional I visit, a friend in the fray, Their presence brings excitement, a novel array.
In the tapestry of life, woven and spun, Their stories unfold, a radiant sun.To those close, in their familiar zone, Festering frustrations, quietly sown.
Certainty and clarity, in simple superficial form,
Yet, the near but distant echoes, a silent storm.

In the tapestry of paradox, a scientist stands,
Quantum truths held in gentle hands.
A believer in God, with a soft heart's grace,
Where analytical minds find a different space.
Irony unfolds, in this peculiar case,
Soft-hearted wisdom typically found in a rigid place.
For minds analytical, firm and strong,
This paths diverge, against culture's decree,
In the dance of beliefs, a fusion profound,
Where science meets faith, on common ground.
A paradoxical symphony, harmonies unfurl,
In the soft heart of a scientist, a cosmic sparkling swirl.

To hear is more than words, a deeper art,
Catching vision, letting inspiration impart.
Listen not just with ears, but with the soul,
Guided by a vision so bright , making the spirit whole.
Know who to listen to, a compass true,
Open-hearted and contrite, wisdom accrue.
Trust not blindly, choose with care,
Set priorities reflecting your true treasures so rare.
Create a heart-led system, reflection now profound,
Values and significance in life will abound.
Act on matters that to the Lord align,
For in the sacred, our higher selves entwine.

Pray for miracles, let the heavens hear,
In struggles faced, those we hold dear.
Giant miracles, for quiet hurricanes too,
Unmet needs right next to us whisper, like a wind they woo.
Not just for distant souls in lands unknown,
But for those beside us, in life's cyclone.
Brushing against grass blades, souls call so near,
Prayers for miracles, drawing heaven's tear.

Ask for miracles, as for good weather's grace,
Blessings on food, a sacred embrace.
Manna, the symbol of reliance profound,
On the Lord's power, our faith is bound.
In daily miracles, the Israelites see,
The manifestation of a divine decree.
A reminder to trust, in every morsel received,
His power unveiled, in miracles believed.
So, like weather's favor or a meal's sweet taste,
Seek miracles for those closest to us earnestly, let faith be embraced.
For Manna echoes, a lesson so clear,
Others rely on you that they hold dear.
You are the father of children, can you not see.
Their simple pleases echo in the ground on bended knee
Your priorities, your faith must it not be exercised to help
Are you not the power that can dispel there aching hearts which do swell.
Rely on the Lord my son, dispel every fear.

In the dance of feelings, I choose to listen to my intuition's song,
God speaks through these subtle impressions somehow strong
Whether Joyful or sorrowful, I will listen it's flavor mattereth not
The busy mind can submit to the heart now enthroned
Acceptance blooms, a blossoming flower,
Embracing self and others, every hour.
Allow the heart to sway, in like and dislike,
No judgment's weight, just freedom's hike.
Feeding the heart's needs, in the Lord's wise care,
A soul at peace, a journey rare.
Not obliged to like each on the way,
Yet, spreading love, in while in the light of day.

To truly listen is to exercise faith,
In every unblocked channel, love make its crusade.
A symphony of life, each pathway clear,
Where His love can flow, drawing us near.
Ears attuned, in faith's tender call,
Channels unblocked, love now stands tall.
A river divine, in the silence it weaves,
His love, a current that endlessly cleaves.
Exercise faith in the art of the ear,
Life's melodies sweet, now become crystal clear.
Every channel unblocked, now a sacred vow,
Love flowing freely, here and now.

To hear his voice, a union divine,
Like a bride, in love's radiant shine.
In the dance of beauty, a rare ballet,
Joyful and excited, in the air's tender sway.
Excitement blooms, like blossoms in spring,
A journey of hearts, where emotions sing.
The melody sweet, like vows exchanged,
A love story, forever arranged.
United in joy, like the bride so fair,
Becoming a part of a life to share.

I Hear Him

-Ben Cassani 2024 ©
Number: 606
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