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Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness for my family
4 min read

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness for my family

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness for my family

This crazy world we live in.

I was talking to a friend the other day about food storage. We were talking about when COVID first came out and there was a rush on the grocery stores. Then a few days later we had an earthquake. The earthquake only added panic on top of panic, especially as people in our area are not familiar with earthquakes. Myself having lived in California earthquakes have been a common occurrence in my life. I just didn't expect a rush on the grocery stores. Our kids were very anxious to say the least when we saw entire sections of the grocery store empty or out of essentials. My wife and I decided that we can't not be "more prepared", especially for our kids.

So here's my recommendations below to help you get started. This article is for someone where food storage isn't your hobby and you don't identity as a prepper. Here's a few things we've learned and hopefully it will inspire you to take action and prepare your family for challenges in the future.

How to setup your food storage

Here's a summary of what I'll discuss in this article

  1. Short-term Food Storage
  2. Long-term Food Storage
  3. Water Barrels
  4. Emergency Go-bags
  5. Grab some camping supplies or review what you've got

Short-term food storage (3 Month supply of food)

Items you regularly rotate thru. Basically a super stocked pantry

What is short-term food storage?

  • Normal everyday food
  • Grocery Store food
  • Regularly Rotate to avoid spoilage
  • Ideally it will last for 3 months
  • It's like the "The checking account"
  • This will also help you reduce your grocery shopping trips
  • This also allows you to buy items on sale

? Few Tips

  1. Clarified Butter / Ghee Butter
  2. Coconut butter
  3. Avocado Oil

How to setup your 3 Month Food Storage

Long-term food storage (1 year, shelf life of 20+ years)

What is long-term food storage?

  • Basic Staples
  • Special packaging
  • Often this is freeze dried and/or vacuum sealed
  • Back up Plan
  • Ideally it will last for 1 year, we've started out with a few months and we'll keep acquiring more as our budget and priorities allow
  • It's like the "The rain day savings account"

How to setup your Year Supply | Long-Term Food Storage

Here's an article I read on best survival food and then we made our decision and choose the following companies below.

What companies we ordered form

  1. NuManna (Online)
  2. Thrive Life (Online)
  3. Church of Jesus Christ Food Storage Store (Canneries & Online)
  4. Water Barrels
  5. Sustain Supply (Go-bags)


Your All Organic Long Term Food Storage SOLUTION
Their products have a shelf life 25 years.

Food Storage You’ll Love To Eat

Gluten Free. My daughter has trouble with gluten/wheat and I do better not having too much gluten.

Heirloom Seeds. NuManna sells 14 different varieties of Heirloom Seeds so you can start your garden when you want. Their varieties include Organic Snap Peas, Organic Non GMO corn and much more.

Thrive Life

Your Vegetable and Meat Long Term Food Storage Solution

Thrive Life: Simple. Clean. Food.
Thrive Life freeze dried food makes meal preparation faster, simpler, and more convenient...without neglecting taste and quality!

Mormon Canneries

For cheapest priciest for the most basic essentials check out the Mormon Canneries (know as Home Storage Center locations found at this link)
There's also an online store (don't need to be a member to purchase).

Emergency Go Bags

Sustain Supply Co check it out here

We wanted to have "go bags" available if we need to leave the house quickly and didn't have much time to grab any supplies etc. You could gather your camping gear and some MRE's and make your own go-bags for cheaper possibly. For simplicity sake we opted to buy these go bags, the comfort 4 (4-person 72 hour kit). We bought 2 of these.

Benefits of a Food Storage

It can give peace of mind to everyone in the family. Knowing you have extra food and basic essentials incase something happens is an emotional relief.

What do you feel your family needs to do next to feel more prepared for this uncertain world?

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