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The Paradoxical Antidote for Getting Out of Survival Mode
8 min read

The Paradoxical Antidote for Getting Out of Survival Mode

The Paradoxical Antidote for Getting Out of Survival Mode

I was reading a book ... by Dr. Joe Dispenza "You are the Placebo"

As I'm reviewing my journal entries from the past several months here's what strikes me. I've been living in survival too much. I've been more selfish than I care to admit. It's not that doubt, fear, insecurity, guilt, are feelings that one should never feel. It a realization and increased awareness of how past centered I've been.

How much time am I spending in gratitude, love, joy and inspiration?
Or am I stuck in doubt, anxiety, stress, insecurity, fear this week?
You Are the Placebo Book (Paperback)
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Here's a few things I learned from his book. #CliffNotes

The Concepts

Law of the Cell

Genetic determinism isn't entirely accurate, at least in the sense that we are stuck with what we've got. Cells must receive information from outside the cell.
This very principle is incredible! I grew up often hearing... we'll it's your DNA. You are like so and so... because it runs in the family. You have this skill because of ... DNA. You have this weakness because of DNA.

They paid little attention to the fact that the whole cascade of events starts with the signal outside of the cell, which is, in fact, responsible for what genes within its library the cell chooses to read.
That signal, as we now know, includes thoughts, choices, behaviors, experiences, and feelings. So it makes sense that if you can change these elements, you can also determine your genetic expression.

I grew up thinking DNA determined too much in my life.
Now I am reexamining more of this story.

  • How much power have you given away thinking that's just the way life is?

Law of Coherent Cells

"Only when the cell is ignited in a new way, by new information can it create thousands of variations of the same gene to rewrite a new expression of proteins they no longer communicate with one another, and they become "selfish" "it's every cell for itself, so the collective community of cells working together becomes fractured."

Ways to turn gene(s) off or on

  • methylation
  • covalent histone modification
  • noncoding RNA

So, check out more on this subject if this is something that interests you.
This really "blew my mind" that there's more to the story than what I previously had thought.

Law of Stress

There are three main types of stress

  1. Physical stress (trauma)
  2. Chemical stress (toxins)
  3. Emotional stress (fear, worry, being overwhelmed, and so on)
  4. And I'll add mental/spiritual/astral/energy-body
    (pain, agony, lack of love, blocked love, energy not flowing smoothly)
Stress was designed to be short-term, and living organisms are designed to be adaptive

Law of Personal Control

We are inherently powerful energetic eternal beings.

Inside you there's an artist you don't know about. He's not interested in how things look different in moonlight.
- Rumi
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
- Marianne Williamson

We have the power to transform and change our form as it were.
Change happens through new or continued elevated:

  1. thoughts
  2. choices
  3. behaviors
  4. experiences
  5. emotions
  6. your own genetic expression

You are acting as an epigenetic engineer of your own cells

Thru Your:

  1. beliefs
  2. perceptions
  3. how you interact with your external environment

This has an influence on your

  1. cells and the environment of your cells

You are not just preprogrammed biology
You hold the keys to your genetic destiny, how much I'm not sure. This very possibility provokes us to further inquiry and discovery.

Law of Addictive Emotions

Welcome to the 21st-centurn version of living in survival mode

As we keep making stress hormones,
we create a host of highly addictive negative emotions, including anger, hostility, aggression, competition, hatred, frustration, fear, anxiety, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, hopelessness, and powerlessness, just to name a few.

When I find myself ruminating in emotions or patterns that aren't healthy... I know I need to step back and either

  • rest
  • recuperate
  • replace
  • recharge
What do you do to help yourself reset, center and ground yourself?

Law of Placebo Effect

After reading this book, I'm convinced the Placebo effect is a real phenomenon.
Of course, one could abuse this power of suggestion, but it could also be used for good.

The placebo effect is not fantasy, then; it's quantum reality.

Law of Epigenetic Changes

Epigenetic changes are indeed possible.

Thru Positive Emotions

One can trigger epigenetic changes that improve health.
The book mentions a few:

  • Meditation triggered epigenetic changes
  • physiological state of deep rest
  • reduced blood pressure
  • reduced heart and respiration rates
  • expressed hundreds to thousands of new genes
  • improving the body's response to chronic psychological stress
  • some studies showed gene expression changes after just one session of meditation among both novices and experienced practitioners alike
    long-term practitioners, derived more benefit
  • upregulated genes included

Negative Emotions - increasing stress

  • marriage arguments downregulated genes in Ohio State University College of Medicine Study
Can you imagine what else this entails in your life?

Law of the Ego/Survival Mode

I've discovered my own Ego and my Own Soul through discovery and many experiences over the course of my life.

The Ego's job is to keep you safe, or to meet the programmed criteria.
It's the analyzer. Its job is to analyze.

It has a:

  • Input
  • Process
  • Output

The Ego is programmed from the beginning of life. It helps us find or avoid:

  • Gain: Comfort / Pleasure | Avoid: Pain / Discomfort

Is all comfort really "good"? Is all pain and discomfort really "bad"?
Sometimes as part of growing up we spend lots of hours studying for a test, straining our minds and exercise mental effort that can be challenging.

Or we step outside our comfort zone and meet new people or start a new job and it doesn't feel "great" perse.

The Ego is just an analyzer. Its job isn't to guide and direct our journey. Its job is to serve us. Of course, when it starts taking over that like when the horse starts leading the carriage and we don't get where we intended.

The Soul's job is to keep us awake, to help us love, to learn, to grow and to guide us to what is good and helps us and others grow.

Law of Mental Rehearsal

"Is not idle daydreaming or wishful thinking"

It is, in a very real sense, the way you can intentionally manifest your desired reality.

In the book The Placebo Effect, Dr Joe talks about the following concepts.

  • By focusing more on what you do want
  • less on what you don't want,
  • you can call into existence whatever you desire
  • and simultaneously "fade away"
  • what you don't' want by no longer giving it your attention

We see these principles showing up in: Sports Visualization, Video Games, Imagery Exercises, Visioning, Meditating, Mental practice, Practicing a speech in front of a Mirror.

Law of Emotional Intensity

I feel like what this is talking about is our strength of our commitment, the strength of intention and the realness of and sincerity behind our emotional energy.

This is both a long-term and short-moment type of stamp.
We emboss into our biology, neurology and spirit patterns that make up who we are and what we are becoming.

My kids often agree to things or begrudgingly go along with things. I correct them. Because I can feel their energy. When they say things like they don't mean it, they don't mean it.

Isn't that the same with all of us.

If something has meaning in your life and you really want to change ... don't you have to "mean it".

Our short-moment and long-term commitment really do shine through.

I say short moment because we can have an exhilarating emotional experience... but that's not necessarily sufficient to keep us going when things get tough.

I say long-term commitment... because if we really want something don't, when you are committed to something over the long-haul you don't just give up, you strategize, you prepare, you practice, and you review your commitments.
we keep pursuing, pushing, praying and pressing-forward?

May I add to that, meditate, pray, and renew your soul.

Because souls aren't meant to run like machines.
We need digital sabbaths and we need soul sabbaths.
My family and I went on a trip to a cabin and it was so renewing and rewarding.
Those moments when we can check-out from the world and renew and recharge are just so so so ... valuable to displaying and showing our long-term commitments.

We know we have limits, and we respect ourselves. As we respect ourselves, we show we are committed, truly emotionally engaged in those long-term values and goals we strive for.

Law of Neurological Matter

So, understanding our Brain Anatomy can help us understand the laws that govern our physical mind.

The Forehead - Frontal Lobe

It's Roles / Functions:

  • creative center
  • CEO
  • allows you to observe who you are
  • evaluate what you are doing
  • how you're feeling
  • home of your conscience

once you become more aware of your thoughts, you can better direct them

  • when you start to think about a new possibility
  • start to ask specific questions
  • what would it be like to live without this pain and limitation?


  • Brain scans show that in a highly focused state, such as mental rehersal, the perception of time and space diminishes

Sensory Center

(which allows you to "feel" your body in space)

Motor Centers

(responsible for your physical movement)

Association Center

(where your thoughts about your identity and who you are live)

Parietal-lobe circuits

(where you process time)

  • Because you can get beyond your environment
  • beyond your body
  • beyond time
  • you're better able to make the thought you're thinking more real than anything else

Neurological hardware

  • circuits of neurons which are like a software program for our biology
    thereby creating new brain maps by thought alone
  • Just by energetically be present in your body you can change matter
  • Then as you deliberately focus your attention on changing matter the results increase...

So, sounds like something to learn about, right?

Law of Purpose

In order, for these other laws not to be abused or the human soul to be neglected it's important to understand your purpose and your highest values

  • When you pass away and meet your grave, how you measure your life will matter... won't it?
  • How will your creator measure your life?

This question ultimately,
rules over all the other laws above. Because as human beings... we want meaning.

Did we matter?
Did we Love?
Did we serve?
Did we LIVE?

What good is a mansion if a person loses their soul as they say.

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