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The Power of Growth
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The Power of Growth

The very fabric of life, society and family is being pulled apart by forces of misery. Might you feel this force is tearing apart your world?
The Power of Growth
The very fabric of life, society and family is being pulled apart by forces of misery.
Might you feel this force is tearing apart your world?

Might you feel a little more scattered or stretched in the past year?
The forces of division, anger, and chaos appear to be increasing.

What are we really searching for on our growth journey? Life, Coherence, Joy!
What is life? Life is organized intelligence, energy, and matter.
What is death? Dis-order, chaos, darkness, apathy, fatigue, separation, disconnection.

When we are more present with life, joyful and filled with enthusiasm for being alive things tend to go better. When life feels drearier, discouraging, and impossible, we know we are heading towards dis-ease, death, and misery, or a soul stretching opportunity.

I think most people can agree on few things:

  • Happiness, Joy, Health
  • Misery, Despair, Dis-ease

These are absolutes, aren't they?

The Death of the Old Self

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about the death of the old self.

  • Death of the former nature of being
  • Death of the old personality

It's an interesting concept. It's present in cultures and societies all around the world. Explore some beliefs with me.

  • Jain philosophy states that the jiva, or soul, can escape the cycle of rebirth and death through strict ethical behavior.
  • Hindus believe all living things have a soul that is not destroyed by death.
  • Nirvana is simply the state of consciousness in which attachment and craving have been released and the bliss of perfect freedom is experienced
  • A bodhisattva is an enlightened being who takes a vow to delay existence in Nirvana until all beings are enlightened. (Service to others)
  • In Judaism, death is not a tragedy, even when it occurs early in life or through unfortunate circumstances. Death is a natural process. Our deaths, like our lives, have meaning and are all part of God's plan.
  • In Christianity we were taught in Christ to take off our old self like a rotten old garment, to be renewed on the inside, and to put on our new self as if it were a brand-new set of clothes. Death of the sinful being, into a "Saint"
  • New Age Philosophies, There's the Death of the Ego and so on...

Happiness & Misery

I think we can agree that emotions have a powerful effect on our experience in bodies of flesh/matter and that our relationships with other people have deep meaning and impact on the way we live.

People are everything, aren't they? Your loved ones, the people who taught you, the ones who sacrificed for you, your dear friends, your enemies.

People want to grow and develop and come into a greater light of consciousness, joy, and abundant living.

I think with every decade I've lived I've learned things along the way. Sometimes I wish I could learn faster, sometimes I'm so grateful I learned at all.
Along the way there are rough patches of soul stretching planting and back breaking toil.

Every soul, family, company, society, religious group, community, country is made up of people. Understanding who we are, what we are composed of and the depth and breadth of our complete "soul" enlightens our understanding.

Children when they are young don't understand all their potentials, possibilities. Neither do they understand their organs, their neurochemical reactions, their hormones, adrenal glands, digestion.

When children are born and as they develop, they grow through "faith", trusting, learning, love. They don't "know" who they are and what they are composed of. They are veiled from the bigger picture.

One law that's absolute is growth. If children's bodies are given the sufficient nutrients, love and nurturing they develop physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually to their potential. A child isn't likely to run away from growth if they are nurtured. Their heart, their conscience their soul yearns to learn, to grow. They are curious, they explore, and they express themselves. Of course, through in the dynamics of personalities and any parent will tell you it's not a piece of cake.

Children's bodies develop, they learn about the functions and purposes of their hands, feet and so forth. The learn to crawl, walk, run and become more of who they are. Children are all subject to the law of growth. When they learn and develop, they find joy and excitement and meaning. When they halt in their progression, they become lazy, selfish, sad, miserable, depressed, diminished, or ambivalent.

Adults are like big children

Adults are like big children... we've learned a bit about who we are and some think "I now have authority" to run my life to make something of myself. Hence, we develop a personality.

Sometimes, adults get caught in various patterns and cycles that halt their growth. They become miserable too. They struggle to heal, to grow, to develop and receive that happiness, joy, coherence, and success into their life.

Adults are subject to eternal laws that govern life. No one decide if gravity will apply today. Just like no one decides if the laws of growth apply today or not. What is decided is willingness to grow and align with this law of growth.

The Airplane

Some people may argue about laws as if they can cheat their way into the house of joy, success, and happiness. That simply isn't the way it works. No matter how much one rationalizes, thinks, and analyzes... gravity isn't changed by people's thoughts, opinions, or feelings. It's absolute.

Someone came along and learned these laws of aerodynamics; they challenged the status quo of thinking of their time. As they discovered flight, they didn't forget previous laws and then discard gravity saying we found a new thing. Instead, the process was we now have more light and more laws to live life by. At the beginning of the aerospace age, I imagine the first pilots were beyond thrilled on their first flight. The excitement of the new discovery must have been breath taking.

Gravity was never destroyed or diminished. Other laws were discovered, and other principles of truth enabled them to fly. The wise pilot knows that gravity ignored is a dangerous situation. The former laws establish the context of the reality the pilot lives in. Let's remember our foundations and establish our lives on the principles we've learned along the way.


We each are struggling, striving, and sometimes thriving on our journey through life. The more I see, truly see people, the more I see everyone has growing challenges. Every person fight battles of the soul.

Some of us learned more of the laws of happiness and joy sooner, some of us approach it from different points of view. Each of us have our own experiences, opinions, and approaches. In the end those who succeed, thrive, and come alive are those who learn those laws and live by them.

We each have a " work" to do. Here's a few ideas I really like from Dr Joe.

  • Most importantly, do the work and do it every day.
    Don’t make excuses to not do the work. If youkeep reminding yourself of who you want to be, while at the same time staying conscious of who you no longer want to be, eventually your personal life will transform to match your new personality.
  • Never stop learning.
    Fill your brain with knowledge and review the information you’ve learned regularly so you can continue to assign meaning as to what you’re doing and why.
  • View your life as an initiation/test.
    This way you won’t be a victim to any of your life’s circumstances. When you view life as an initiation, you are challenged to bring a greater level of mind to the obstacles in your life. Remember—you can’t overcome a challenge with the same level of mind that created it.
  • Find time each day to reflect.
    Think about how you feel doing the work (or not doing the work), the voices that may be holding you back, the knowledge you are gaining, and the challenges you need to rise to in order to overcome yourself.
When you do decide to make these different choices, don’t try to explain yourself to others. Just understand that everyone has to make choices for themselves, including you.
By doing this properly, you will show up to yourself in an unpredictable way.  - Dr. Joe Dispenza

The beautiful thing about this is that it gives the people in your life permission to do the same, and this is, in fact, is one of your greatest gifts to them.

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