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What is Darkness

It is the absence of light. Where light is darkness cannot be.
The moment we revolt at anything which comes from The Source, the darkness takes power. The darkness has no power over us only as we permit it.

That's not to say we don't misperceive or miscreate at times and lose our way. We're human I get it. That's understandable.

Today I created a lot of anxiety and stress by putting such high expectations on myself. I miscreated a definition of productivity which caused me a considerable amount of stress. I also didn't sleep well and would have liked to have a good night's sleep last night. I've been pushing myself to create an online business & website, to develop some kind of influencer status, to be proficient in my career, to pass the next industry certification, and to help my son with his difficult personal growth challenges on a timeline that's just not feasible.

"I’ve been trying to put the high expectations I have for myself in harmony with the merciful expectations the Lord has for me.” - Unknown

The correction of my energy and mind is necessary to come back into alignment with the Light. Much like a young child learning to ride a bike. Gravity is indifferent towards the inexperienced child. Eventually, the child learns to align themselves with gravity as they develop a more than the academic concept of bike riding progressing to experiential understanding. This understanding transforms into light-intelligence. This pattern of light is stored in their spirit and body memory. The child learns to ride a bike and find accomplishment. Yet how do you describe to someone how to stay balanced on a bike.

Learning to align with God's light is what helps me feel joy. It's like learning to balance on a bike and feel the joy of flying through the air. I still remember the day I learned to ride a bike and the sheer joy of accomplishment in doing something that felt so difficult at the time, I was so determined as a 7-year-old to learn to ride my red bicycle, I remember the day I decided I was going to do it and nothing would stop me. I simply decided with all my heart.

The Light Switch

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When I was in High School my therapist would say

turning on the light, will chase darkness from the space.

I often asked myself, what is the simple light I can turn on to chase the darkness away. Over time I've learned doing the right thing in the wrong state isn't a great way. Doing something in a state of a grasping struggle isn't ideal. More often it's a gentle, meek, and hopeful state that aligns me with God.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."
- Marianne Williamson

Subtlety Sinking below the Surface

Subtlety below the surface small little doubt creeps in and begins to slowly chip away at our foundation of confidence. Or quite possibly it's slow doubts and bits of darkness that chip away at our friends and family. We find them coming to us when they feel weighed down or when life isn't buoyantly carrying them along. One way or the other burdens and surprises come.

That's when you start losing your edge!

Taken by GoPro Hero+ in Croatia.One of my best summer in my recent life.The sea was unbeliavable clean and blue
Photo by Almos Bechtold / Unsplash
Failing to do the fundamentals, so crisp and so precise.

When we ignore the light, that still quiet inner knowing... our power is limited.
We lose the confidence and ability to act. It just takes a "tiny turn" 🎡 to change the slope of our trajectory.

When others dismiss simple powerful truths that bring them back in alignment with the Light... we can choose to slow down and choose otherwise.

Often we are looking for some genius hack.
What will help is a higher level of intention and a higher reception of light.

After all, isn't "real change" a process of going from darkness into more light?

Darkness is synonymous with misery. Light can be synonymous with joy and fulfillment.

Stuck patterns can be miserable

  • When you follow your passion but it turns out awful
  • When you take a risk financially or emotionally but it ruins your relationship
  • When you do something you're not an expert at and then everything fails
  • When you show up in life with all your heart... but then it leads to failure, misery, and emotional turmoil
  • When you listen to what you want... but it leads to social relationships crumbling

Who hasn't told themselves a story at one time that encouraged this darkness or doubt inside you? I've come to find it's not about canceling these stories as much as it is about creating better ones.

Darkness may show up in our attitudes

Attitudes can become states of being.

Have you ever found yourself... acting less than your ideal self?
What does this tell you about yourself?

When I don't feel like my ideal self I turn to a few habits and practices that help me recalibrate. What do you turn to when life rumbles your foundation?

I was talking to a friend who gave the fiesty-fierce side of her personality a name, I thought I'd do the same for my grumpy and difficult side of my personality. It's strange how it gave me a sense of empowerment to do so. When my "Sylvester" shows up now and then... I know it's time to take back the reigns. I say Sylvester you no longer need to be in charge... I'm going to take a different approach. That doesn't mean the sun immediately comes out... but my life feels better no matter how small it seems it works for me.

Tiny Turns

  • I've found that carefully understanding:
    • the energy of my body which I'll call my state
    • the energy of the day which I'll call the energetic weather
    • Reflecting on this helps me identify where to recalibrate and how to turn the switch back on.
All it takes are "Tiny Turns"

Today's Energy is very Air or Metal as Debra Silverman said on her YouTube Channel. I asked myself what do I need for wholeness or balance? I decided I need more mercy with myself, less pressure, and a feeling of being more connected to others. With so much metal and air energy, what I need to counteract that with is wood. The moment I directed my energies towards mercy, less pressure, less media, and more connecting with others: a better spirit came over me, my nerves immediately relaxed.

My tiny turn was to put a little more mercy & kindness back into my life.

As I took a moment to reconnect to the Light and make time for God, I realized I'm too plugged in. I listened to an inspiring teachers' words, he said to take time to be quiet and still. I said a quiet prayer and took a moment to be still. I then took a bath with Epsom salt and relaxed for a moment this afternoon.
I decided I'm going to take a 7-day fast from internet browsing, media, social media, and such for the week. I need some time to listen to the light and reconnect with the highest source of truth and compassion.

Life asks us to be the lead character
in the play of life

You're in charge.
The universe asks us what would you have the universe do
so you have light in your vessel?

Sometimes we take a passive role or a seat in the bleachers expecting life to hand us our purpose, for a piano to fall on us and give us the next right step in our life.

Meaningful ideas are pursued. They aren't just packages delivered on our front porch when we didn't even make the effort of clicking on the buy option.

Life doesn't happen to you, life happens for you. - Tony Robbins

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