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Brendon's Coaching Session 11/12/2020
4 min read

Brendon's Coaching Session 11/12/2020

Brendon's Coaching Session 11/12/2020


Coaching is an influence process.
They aren't paying for you to be their friend
It's about the "PROCESS"
It's what is "UNSEEN", it's what helps them GROW

Brendon Coaching Zoom Call

? Your Clients/ Customer

? They Don't Want

  • They aren't hiring you for friendship
  • If your conversation is how's it going
  • They get bored

⭕ They Want

  • Challenge them to other levels.
  • Higher Expectation from the clients
  • Don't want BS, they want
    "Tough Love"
  • Attentive to showing you know what you are doing
  • Virtual Interaction
  • 70% of high pay coaching moved to a visual format
    Zoom, Skype, FaceTime
  • Guiding the group through your process
    Then taking questions

⛲ The Importance of a Foundation

  • Framework
  • Process
    Thoughtful process to help people improve
  • Differentiation, Uniqueness

? Expectation in Industry

  • The demand is higher than you expect
  • 10s of thousands join the industry every month
  • ? Industry use to borrow therapy/psychology model heavily
    Difference: process through licensed person
  • Coaching - Present Focused
    Optional certification
  • Psychology - Past trauma, past processing
    Required certification

? What isn't working / What is working...

  • Have Confidence in the process (system/framework)
  • Brendon asks you, to have more confidence in coaching the people you are coaching...
  • I didn't have to overly control things
  • Shifting focus from Self-Focus to Relationship Focus
  • confidence in a process
  • less pandering to a client

? Brendon's Story

  • Live, Love, Matter Story - building rapport
  • Studied, Philosophy,
  • What makes us uniquely:

Three Important Questions

1. Come alive, vibrant?

2. What makes people change?

3. What makes them fulfilled?
Whole, Satisfied, Meaning, that their contributions matter

  • Martial Arts all my life
  • Contrast of background, Consulting vs Coaching
  • Writing a book

@Story - My email looking for 3 people

  • I started out to coach people from work, to help them in their career
  • "I was 50% bad at it"
  • You are not going to be great you are only 1/2 the dance partner(ship)

⚽ Coaching

What? Coaching is...

1. An Influence Process
NOT a goal attainment process; not a therapeutic process

  • ⚠ Not paid enough? You are not helping them discover enough.
  • Build a framework, which helps them discover every session...
  • Learn new and different things every session
  • That leads to the following --⤵
  • Therapy is root cause oriented and coaching is not. Coaching is present and future focused
  • Coaching oriented to present moment and future goal development and process - not about processing the past

2. Discovery

  • What does better living mean to the client?
  • Teaching them how to think
  • Challenging them in their contributions, character, behavior
  • We explore in the conversation
  • Change the world, we engage in conversations

3. Decision Making

Helping them move towards decision every session

4. Performance Improvement


  • Specific Result
    Performance Edge
  • Specific Action
  • What it is NOT?

? Don't just be a highly paid listener

  • Listening to understand and to push...
  • Push them out of their comfort zone
  • It means you have permission to "PUSH"
    1st Session you explain how your style leans towards challenging, some edge

So let them know "verbally" you are going to push them

"Is it okay if I push you a little bit?"
Make sure when I get challenging, don't get defensive
We're exploring, we're discovering
It's a mindset shift
Comment from Jennifer: “CHALLENGE BY CHOICE.”

5. Better Living

Some of us are:

  • ? too "meek", stuck in their own world, too much self-doubting, too worried, too edgy or that would be rude...
  • ⭕ Asking people, a follow-up question is not rude,
  • ⭕ Asking people with the intent to understand...

How? Coaching would look, feel, and sound like...
"Emotional Variability"

  • It's a roller-coaster process of sorts
  • When they share deep, you go deep
  • When they are excited, you go to excitement
  • Honor the client, celebrating
  • Be on the listen and on the lookout:
  • The pops
I get enthusiastic about something they shared
It's necessary: You are doing enthusiasm on purpose
Be intentional, aware
Think: It's time for me to activate my enthusiasm

What does my heart sound like?

  • Coaches do care about their non-verbal's...
  • They are aware of them
  • You've got to be SELF-AWARE
    What does your passion sounds like, look like, feel like?
  • ? "People are paying for human interaction"
  • They want to see playful, fun, someone who love their job
  • "You have to find that joy with them..."
  • ? "They aren't paying for you to be their friend"

Do you know what that energy is?

Choice: Intentional or Reactive mode?

  • Reactive mode you aren't going to get paid...
  • Discovery and decision making in their world...
  • 1. Not about me
  • 2. It's about your Heart

?Zoom Comments

you are not their friend!
enthusiasm is what employers look for
You need to know how your client wants to improve the performance!!!
How do you structure the deal with the client to make more money?
Everything!!! Challenge your clients, cheer your clients, be aware of your face, energy. Don´t discount yourself! Invest in your coaching skills! RAISE YOUR AMBITION!!!
Focusing on the client and walking them through the process with high energy and humor - be confident in them and best of all. I DONT have to focus on myself - if I am enough anymore for them anymore….  Challenge myself to take the lead!!!!

My Thoughts

  • 1. Strategic Plan (The process)
    Aim / Vision / So What?
  • 2. Discovery / Analysis
    Align / Feel / Why?
  • 3. Prepare & Commit
    Ready / Think / What?
  • 4. Create (Time to take Action)
    Fire / Act / How?
  • 5. Transition / Operate (How they Operate)
    ReAim / Timing / When?

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